Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas Child Care Services (CCS) has agreements with over 1,000 Early Learning Program providers in 26 counties. To find a provider in your area that has an agreement with CCS, select one of the following criteria.

Be Your Child's Voice: Texas Rising Star Program

What is Entry Level Designation for Early Learning Programs?

All Child Care Services (CCS) early learning programs are now required to be included in the Texas Rising Star program, beginning at an Entry Level designation. Entry Level programs may receive technical assistance, resources, materials, and mentoring to support them in attaining Texas Rising Star certification.

New Early Learning Programs (ELPs) that have a Provider Agreement with Child Care Services (CCS), will be designated as Entry Level at the time the CCS Provider Agreement is initiated between the board and the early learning program. The early learning program will have 24 months from that date to achieve Texas Rising Star level certification.

Current Early Learning Programs (ELPs) that had CCS Provider Agreements as of October 3, 2022, will have 24 months, until September 30, 2024, to achieve Texas Rising Star level certification.

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